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Le Bonheur is a small and private luxury Villa on the Mainland Island of Seychelles. Situated on the beach at the tip of North East Point it is an ideal base from which to explore the many splendors of Seychelles whilst enjoying the personal service & comfort of our luxury accommodation.Seychelles consists of 115 pristine Islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean where natural beauty is harbored and actively protected from the onslaught of commercialism. Seychelles is

described as a string of pearls, sparkling like jewels across a

million miles of Azure Ocean and home to some of the worlds most treasured possessions in the form of endemic species of fauna, birds and animals.

In Seychelles you can witness the true beauty of nature in the famed Vallee de Mai Garden of Eden on Praslin, the dramatic granite formations tumbling into the blue sea and rich vegetation of this tropical Island splendor. This is home to the Paradise fly-catcher, the giant land tortoise, the world’s smallest frog, the Indian Oceans only flightless bird, the giant Coco de Mer nut and countless seabird colonies.
Legends abound of olden days when pirates travelled these waters and where buried treasures are still sought today. But the true treasure of Seychelles is Seychelles itself and the legend of these Islands and their uniqueness is captured in the saying “Seychelles-Another world..